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Neil Smith - Seaford Web Design

I am a professional, freelance web developer with a solid track record as an IT contractor for merchant banks. Professional websites are best built and maintained by an expert who understands the technology and knows the pitfalls. If you need a super fast, secure and effective website then I am the freelancer for you.

I have well over two decades of web development under my belt, working as a contactor for merchant banks in The City of London. I'd love to put that experience to good use on behalf of your business.

Neil Smith, Jaguar Web Design


Lean more about me and the services I offer.

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Jaguar Web Design is a highly skilled, freelance design agency. I keep my overheads low to provide you with the best prices. It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, I can provide you with a winning solution.

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Too many business websites these days are massively over-engineered by amateurs using inappropriate software tools. Wherever possible, websites should be built using static technology and I am an expert in this field.

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Website building and marketing are two different things. It’s important to have a smart, optimised website but don’t expect customers to just come flocking to your website without a solid web marketing strategy.

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I build websites using the latest, fastest, and most secure technologies.

Website Design and Build

Good web design requires a skilled professional. I value your business and will ensure that your website satisfies the requirements listed below:-

  • Clean Design: A good commercial website should not visually overload visitors, detracting from important information.
  • A Clear Message: From the second your visitors arrive at your website they must have a clear understanding of what you are offering.
  • Load Speed: Your website must be fast loading to avoid visitors leaving and also to get ranked in search engines.
  • Security: Your website must be near impossible to compromise. Hacking can lead to a loss of reputation and damage your business.

Website Marketing & SEO

I can help you with your website marketing and offer packages to suit every situation and budget.

Neil Smith - Jaguar Web Design


My service excels in many ways and is ahead of curve on security and performance.

Website Design

Clean design and meaningful content is what really matters, and it gets results. The idea is to get your message across and stand out from your competitors.


Security is everything. Ignore it and you risk getting hacked, which will likely get your website blacklisted and undo months, or even years, of costly marketing activity.


The speed at which your website loads is vital to visitor engagement and also to search engine ranking. No excuses; websites should be engineered to load as quickly as possible.


Good web marketing begins with original and relevant website content. Behind the scenes, expert additions will ensure smooth interaction with search engines and social media.


Crafting and laying out effective website content is a skilled job and it’s too easy to break subtle conventions. Unless unavoidable, this task should be left to a qualified website developer.


Good website design requires expertise and years of experience. Security, performance and content are of critical importance so be sure to hire an expert with a verifiable track record.


As a freelancer I can offer you skill and experience minus the agency overheads.

Products To Suit Every Budget

I offer three main website products, as listed below:-

  • One Page Mobile: Ideal for small businesses and works well on mobiles and tablets.
  • Multi Page Pro: A multi page website for businesses of all sizes.
  • Multi Page Gold: A multi page website for businesses with lots of information on services.

Website Prices

For full information and price details, please visit my prices page.

Neil Smith - Seaford Web Design


I have worked with many clients and we always like to hear their feedback to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with the service. Have a look at what my clients say about me.

From my blog

I publish regular posts on subjects of interest to businesses on the web in general, Google, Facebook, Windows and Linux.

Why We Switched To Linux

Neil Smith - April 25, 2017

Why even bother thinking about changing your OS? Here at Jaguar Web Design, we are more than power users. We are designers and developers with highly complex needs.

Are you too sharp to be scammed on Facebook

Neil Smith - February 10, 2017

We all like to think we are observant and worldly wise, too sharp to fall prey to a scammer. Well for some of us that might be true, at least most of the time.

Website Case Study - Ab Fab Food

Neil Smith - April 25, 2016

Sussex based catering company providing delicious food for all manner of important occasions..

Website Case Study - Jaguar Tees

Neil Smith - April 25, 2016

Online t-shirt store selling custom garments in mutliple currencies to international customers.

Reach for the skies

You too can have a smart, informative, super fast and highly secure website.

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My Clients

Some of the many companies I have provided web development services for.