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My philosophy is simple. Keep the design clean and easy to read and understand. A website, as with our animal namesake, should be lean, fast and efficient at what it does. The internet is awash with amateur, glossy websites that have been built using a cheap template. They often don't really say anything much of what the business is really about.

Website visitors will leave quickly if there is nothing interesting to read or learn about your services or products. The following passages will explain the type of website and service you should be looking for:-


Do you want to maintain the website content yourself?

This is probably one of the biggest questions I will ask you, because it has a huge bearing on which tools will be used to build your website. If you do want, and need, to be able to maintain website content youself then I can help you. Alternatively, I can provide you with a complete service for building and continuing to maintain your website for you, at very reasonable rates.

Designing your new website

Often customers come to me with a good idea of what they want. I will work with you to come up with the best website design for your business within your specified budget. Don’t worry if you we are unable to meet up in person. I have successfully built many websites for customers I have never met personally, some living overseas. With modern web communications, it is very easy to verbally and visually communicate ideas for designs and get your project completed to your standards and delivered on time.

What about security and performance?

Whatever you do, for your own sake, do not hire a web designer who has little or no professional knowledge of website security and performance technologies. You are almost guaranteed to get hacked or end up with a dog slow and ineffective website.

I really cannot stress this enough. No matter how pretty a website is, it is useless if it is unecessarily insecure or slow. No website can be considered 100% safe from hackers but there is a lot that can be done to greatly minimise the chances of it happening.

If your website is hacked then you might end up with porn and gambling links in your website for your visitors to find. In addition to this, you might well find that your internet provider shuts down your website to prevent the infection spreading and Google might blacklist your domain name. It can take time to sort these events out, during which time your website will be offline and your professional reputation might have been damaged.

I have excellent experience in this field and will be happy to answer any questions you might have as to the measures I will take on your behalf to ensure that security and peformance is the best it can possibly be for your new website.

What about cost?

I try in all cases to provide my customers with the best value for money service possible. For more information on costs please see my prices page.

Sam Gamrbriel
Neil built my website from start to finish trading ideas and finally coming up with the final design. A really nice guy who just gets on with the job and always happy to help you out. Ongoing support and changes to website always done whenever needed. Cheers Neil.
Sam Gamrbriel

Proprietor, Seaford Car Valeting

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